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Registering costs only 25 Euro. For European Union customers the amount totals to 29.38 Euro including 17.5% VAT (tax). You will instantly get yor registration code via E-mail. Click here to Register.

The registration process will be handled by SWREG. They have the following payment possibilities:

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For any questions please contact us at: info@xmlssoftware.com.

Why Register

You will be permitted to legally use News Updater for commercial purposes and will get a customizable about box. Registering costs only €25 per person or workstation. Download an example of a WSU file created with a registered version here. A table with details about the difference between registered and unregistered versions follows:

Unlicenced DeveloperUser of a WSU file created by a unlicenced developerLicenced DeveloperUser of a WSU file created by a licenced developer
Not allowed to use for commercial purposes. You may freely use it for personal (individual) use at home or make WSU files for friends (for non-commercial purposes). For commercial purposes it may be tested for evaluation, but not used on a regular basisNot allowed for commercial purposes. Only personal (individual) use at home is allowedMay be used to develop for commercial purposes. You may develop WSU files for an unlimited number of customers without having to pay royalty feesMay be used for commercial purposes. Customers do not need to register if they are using a WSU file created by a registered developer
A Password can be set by the developer to prevent the user from changing settings or the template. Thus a password is required to edit FTP settings and templateThe user doesn't know the password so the settings can't be changedNo password required to alter settingsSettings can't be changed, not even with a password
The user can not protect the content by using a password. Anyone that has access to his computer or diskette with the program and WSU file, can change the contents of his/her siteUser can protect the content with a password and thus can prevent anyone from updating their site if they get hold of the program and WSU file (recommended when using a USB-PenDrive or diskette)
No customized about boxNo customized about boxAbout box can be customized with your logo, text, link to your website and E-mail address. Data about your customer can also be insertedA customized about box will be seen
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