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Internet Revelutions

A freeware HTML editor with not only syntax highlighting and a tag-treeview, but also "Tag Insight" or "Intellisense" (drop down menu with possible keywords), and a "Property Grid" or "Object Inspector" for setting attributes within tags.

A good choice for a low budget, and actually better than many commercial editors out there. The only con I could find is that it does not support text wrapping (actually taht is quite a large con).

HTML Validatror

If you are serious about accessability, portability, and compatability of your website on different platforms, this program will help you get and keep your site up to the different standards. There are many free validation services on the net like WDG and W3c, accessability services like contentquality.com and also freeware validation tools like HTML Tidy (also integrated in the above mentioned "Internet Revelutions" program). Many browsers (other than IE) also have quick access shortcut keys to these sites. But if you are spending alot of time editing HTML, validating every page via these websites can be tiresome. Instead HTML Validatror combines these tools on your local machine (which is alot faster and no constant web-access is required). We use it internally to keep this site (and many other sites) up to xhtml standards.

There are 3 versions of HTML Validator. A Lite version which is free but shows a subset of all the errors and warnings, a Standard version, and a Professional version for checking multiple pages in a single pass.

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Other tools


We use Winrar as an installation package for News Updater. Allthough it does not offer the features of InstallShield, Wise Solutions or plain MSI, it offers enough for our software installation needs. Besides it performs better than zip (though it can also make and handle zip files). Another nice feature is that it allows browsing the contents of a package in the same way that they will be on the filesystem, using a treeview, not like WinZip which only shows a list of all the files. It has multiple SFX (self EXtracting) modules which are customisable (like our logo in News Updater Setup kit). Once you buy a copy of WinRar, all future updates are free of charge.

The software listed on this page, is eather software that we use internally, or have tested and know that it works for eXtra large, Medium, Large and Small alike. The owners of the software grant us a small commision for every sale made via the link we provide to their site or download (except the freeware). We are however determined not to promote software that we do not know, would not buy, download or use ourselves. The descriptions above truly reflect our vision.

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