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To promote our software we have posted it to other websites which sometimes require a reciprocal link to their site. On this page we fullfil their wish and link to their site. Please notify us if you would want a link to your site in exchange for a link on this page.


Here are some banners if you would like to promote our software. We might start an affiliate program in the future, as for now we do not have one. Please add a link to this site or tell friends about the News Updater program. Please copy the image by rightclicking on it and saving it to disk. Then put it on your page with the code listed below. Thank you!

Updating Sites without CGI or database Updating Sites without CGI or database Updating Sites without CGI or database Updating Sites without CGI or database
Updating Sites without CGI or database Updating Sites without CGI or database Updating Sites without CGI or database Updating Sites without CGI or database

No CGI, script or database needed

Some words about cracks and hacks

Warez 'n Cracks - Small article about how people like to use warez and cracks while the free version is better and has more features.

Shareware Sites

Here we will provide links to websites that require or ask for a link back in exchange for their link to this site.

Disclaimer: Please note that some listed sites might have popups or banners with content of which we have no control. Some might even try to install software (gainsoft or Gator). Please reject such software, which is commonly known as "spyware". We strongly object to such activity but unfortunately we can do little about it.

Our software is currently listed on the following sites:

IT Shareware
aFreeGo.com for Freeware, Trialware, Shareware and Demo Software
shareware & freeware search engine
Expand your PC
Amazing Files
Web Scripts Directory
Shareware River - ultimate collection of quality software
OneKIT.com - Software Store
Allen's Winappslist
UKs leading download library
ShareUp Shareware Site
Software downloads
Simply Software
Free Downloads Center
Shareware and Freeware for Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2K and XP!
Total Shareware
Worlds best software
Worlds best
Top Shareware
Download 32
Visit Any Windows Shareware
Vote for us at
Starting Point:
Vote for Starting Point Hot Site of the day

Startkabel.nl -> HTML (Dutch site)

Webmaster Tool Collection:
Features software tool and resources for webmaster.

HTML Pagina Nederland (Startpagina.nl)


BlueChillies - http://www.BlueChillies.com

Bill's Software Picks Archive

Shareware and Freeware downloads and tested, rated and reviewed software submitted by software author.

ScriptSearch.com UltraSoftware.net


Visit File Transit

Webmaster Yellow Pages Webmaster Resources

SoftforAll - Shareware and freeware download network,
Screensaver,MP3 recorder and Free Game.

winappslist.com - has been providing quality software downloads
(shareware, freeware, and commercial) since 1996

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