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About XMLS Software

The Name

XMLS stands for eXtra large, Medium, Large and Small. We intend to develop software that will fit your needs and budget. Whether you are a million dollar company, or a hobbyist at home, our affordable software should fit. This explains our slogan: Software that fits!

The abbreviation "XMLS" generally stands for Extensible Markup Language Streams or Schema. Much of our software has to do with markup languages (XHTML, HTML etc..), but at this moment we do not specialize in XML streams, schemas or solutions.

The Company

The company was founded on the 20th November, 2003 by M.L. Somers. Mr. Somers initially built several sites for friends and did some programming in his spare time. After creating a program called "News Updater" he decided to start a company, create a site and sell his product online as shareware. What you see here is the result. To be continued...

We are registered at the Dutch "Chamber Of Commerce", our registration number is 24354955.

Mission statement

We will strive to bring you the most value for the lowest price. We will continue to produce software that fits the needs of great and small.

Product News

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V1.10 is out!

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