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News Updater was on the internet market for about 6 months before it was discovered by the underworld. It was the 4th registration key of News Updater sold, to someone who called him/herself Stephen King, with non-existing address and with a stolen credit card (which we had to refund). We could not prevent this because the keycode is sent instantly for our customer's convenience. Two days later the statistics of visitors to the News Updater site increased from about 8 a day to more than 60 a day! Immediately a new version was compiled and uploaded which blocked the stolen registration key.

Why use a crack?

It is quite difficult to understand why and what people risk to get their name in an about-box and have password protection. The program is fully usable in the free-mode, why not be satisfied with that? Instead there are illegal versions circulating the net which might have viruses, autodialers, browser-hijacks and many other creeps and trojans within them. By the way, there have been added many new features and bug fixes since the stolen version so you'll get more, and risk less, by using the newest free version.

Why are you whining?

This document is meant to be caught on search engines by innocent people who might actually read it before infecting their computer with unwanted illegal stuff. This experiment might even draw traffic to this site by someone seeking some other crack or keygen. Let's call it a "strategical marketing experiment". Not that we expect that those searching for illegal software would suddenly buy our product, but ... well, ... maybe call it a "paradoxal strategical marketing experiment" instead :-)

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