"Brushed Metal" template


This is a free template for use with News Updater. The backgrounds of this template have textures that look like brushed metal. You may change the images in the "gfx" directory to your own textures to suit your site. Feel free to change, modify, alter and rebuild the template as you wish.

Changing the template


Changed the colorThere are different ways to change the color of the brushed metal.

Most paint programs have a filter that will change the hue of the whole bitmap. Depending on your paint program you might need to convert the image to "24 bit" or "millions of colors" before the filter option will be enabled. You might also want to change the saturation.

Advanced paint programs such as Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop or Corel Photopaint have layers that can be made half transparent. Take a layer, fill it with the color of your choice and make it half transparent. Your result could then look like the image.

Example template for News Updater provided by XMLS Software