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Using Javascript

This is the first image aligned by the scriptJavascript is supported in most browsers these days. However some users prefer to turn this feature off for different reasons. In this template we are using javascript to align the images to different sides of the screen to make the News page look more interesting. You may use the script in your own templates. Remember to make the image prefix match the one in the script. Any other images used on your page should start with a different prefix or otherwise the script might align these too (this applies to images inserted with the <img> tag, not to backgrounds etc).

The marquee tag

Seccond image aligned by the scriptOn this page we have used the marquee tag to display the list of news articles listed on this page. The marquee tag is not officially a legal HTML tag, but it is supported by several browsers. You can use a marquee inside a table, or change its width to create special effects. There are several attributes to the marquee tag, which may or may not be supported by different browsers (if marquee is supported at all). Some of these are listed here. Do a search on "marquee tag" to find all the attributes and possible values.
scrollamount (number)
scrolldelay (number)
direction (left / right)
bgcolor (change the background color)

Aligning images

And yet anotherImages can be aligned to the left or to the right of the screen by using the align attribute. For example if you want your image to stick to the right of the screen and the text to flow on the left, you would do it as follows:
<img src="mypicture.gif" align="right">
Images can be aligned to left center and right. If an image is aligned to the center, text will not flow along its side. Instead the text will carry on under the image.

Creative design

Guess that's enough :-)To make your pages look more interesting it might be nice to add some moving elements to it. Using animated GIF-files for example; you can even use it as a background image. However, moving elements, animations and marquees are often regarded as irritating and unprofessional. Use them like mustard, don't put it on everything.

Example template for News Updater provided by XMLS Software