Changing the template


Take a look at the file "n.css" and change the colours to suite your site. If you change the padding, be sure to test it with different browsers. You can add a background image to any of the sections, for example the menu section, by adding the following:

.menu {
background: url("bgnd.jpg");

Using CSS for Layout


The World Wide Web ConsortiumSome designers have their own opinions on using tables for layout versus style sheets. The argument is that in a table, the rows and columns imply that the content is related in some way. If tables are only used to order content in the context of layout, there is no relation between the content whatsoever. Therefore tables are not to be used for layout reasons. Principals are principals.

For these designers, we have included this template to the downloads page. This template contains no tables at all.

Feel free to change, modify and use it on your site.